Strawberry Mousse - 4 Servings

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Wise Foods has given us another great addition to both the long term food storage and outdoor options - A Creamy Natural Yogurt Flavor with Real Strawberries! Just add Water and it's Ready in Minutes!

In emergencies, the simple indulgences in life are the first to go. Now Wise Food's has you taken care of with another option for your sweet tooth.

It's a quick and easy snack, emergency recommended, provides a gourmet taste, and has a long shelf-life (25 years). Pick some up Today!


- Strawberry Mousse
- Emergency Recommended: * 25 Year Shelf Life
- 4 Servings Per Package Of Strawberry Mouse - How Can You Resist?
- Gourmet Taste - Long Shelf Life (Sealed in Mylar Bags) - Premium Quality
- Quick And Easy Snack - Just Add Water/Ready In Minutes